School Lockdown

Reward and Precondition Value
Average credits 17050
Requirement of Police Stations 7
Required Riot Police Extensions 2
Required Senior Sergeant's Offices 2
Min. Police Air Wing 1
Mission type Police Missions
Riot Police Missions (Specialization)
Vehicle and Personnel Requirements Value
Required Police Cars 9
Required K-9 Units 4
Required TOG Personnel (In TOG Vehicles) 12
Required Riot Police Group Vehicles 2
Required Senior Sergeants 3
Required Riot Police SUVs 2
Required Riot Police Equipment Vehicles 2
Required Police Helicopters 1
Other information Value
Max. Patients 6
Patient Specializations General Internal
Probability that a patient has to be transported 63
Minimum Number of Patients 1
Probability of Intensive Care being required 36
Air Ambulance request chance 18
Maximum Number of Prisoners 7
Mission Variations School Lockdown